A volcano, but it is cold and erupts black Lava


To be clear from the beginning, it is cold comparing to other volcanoes, you can actually survive when you fall in it.


It is the weirdest volcano in the world and it located in Tanzania. it is name is Ol Doinyo Lengai – meaning “Mountain of God” in the local Maasai language – it erupts lava so cool that someone once fell into it and survived.


The black volcano


The crackling black lava that erupts from Ol Doinyo Lengai runs about 510 degrees Celsius, a temperature that it is sure a bit warmer than a comfortable jacuzzi. It’s so cold in fact that it’s almost always black, as there’s not enough heat radiating away from it to make it look red.




In 2008, a man on an expedition to the volcano, fell into one of these active lava flows in the crater. He actually managed to climb out, although one of his arms and both of his legs were severely burned and he had to be hospitalized. As horrifying as this is, as far as anyone can tell he is the only person to have fallen into lava and survived.


The problem with this black Lava is that it is fast, it flows like water, and burning in speed everything in its way. Normal red lava flows in a thick mass at about 10 kilometers per hour (6 miles per hour) — that’s easily outrun (or out-walked) by any human, unlike the water-like black java.


Black Lava erupting




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