Hayastan Shakarian: The woman  who cut internet from Georgia and Armenia


This happened in 2011, when an old poor woman did something that impacted two countries for 12 hours.

Hayastan Shakarian is a woman who cut the internet from Georgia and Armenia looking for copper to sell as scrap. She accidentally chopped the fibre optic cables and cut off Internet services to her country and the neighbour, Armenia. When caught Hayastan said that she is innocent and that she hasn’t even heard of the Internet.


Ms Shakarian, who lives in the poverty-stricken Georgian village of Armazi, around 10 miles from the capital Tbilisi, said that she had only been collecting firewood.

“I have no idea what the internet is,” she added.

The pensioner has been charged with damaging property and could face up to three years in prison if convicted.

“My mother is innocent. She is crying all the time. She is so scared,” said her son, Sergo Shakarian.

The company that owns the fibre-optic cable, Georgian Railway Telecom, said that the damage was serious, causing 90 per cent of private and corporate internet users in neighbouring Armenia to lose access for nearly 12 hours while also hitting Georgian internet service providers.

But although Georgian Railway Telecom insists that the 380-mile cable has “robust protection”, this was not the first time that it has been damaged.

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