These are the programming languages and databases used by Google,Facebook,Amazon and others

By analyzing HTTP Header and Request for file types data during the communication with their servers , experts identified what are the programming languages used by the most popular sites in the world including Google and Facebook.


Websites Front-end Back-end Database JavaScript C, C++, Go,Java, Python, PHP
Bigtable, MariaDB JavaScript Hack, PHP, Python, C++, Java, Erlang, D,XHP,Haskell MariaDB, MySQL, HBase, Cassandra JavaScript C, C++, Python, Java,Go Vitess, BigTable, MariaDB
Yahoo JavaScript PHP MySQL, PostgreSQL, JavaScript Java, C++, Perl Oracle Database JavaScript PHP, Hack MySQL, MariaDB JavaScript C++, Java, Scala, Ruby MySQL
Bing JavaScript C# Microsoft SQL Server JavaScript Java, JavaScript, Scala Oracle Database JavaScript C# Microsoft SQL Server
Microsoft JavaScript C# Microsoft SQL Server JavaScript Java, JavaScript,Scala Voldemort
Pinterest JavaScript Django,Erlang MySQL, Redis JavaScript PHP, JavaScript (Node.js) MariaDB, MySQL


Source: Wikipedia

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