The upcoming action movie of Jennifer Garner is promising- watch the trailer

Jennifer Garner started to be famous when she played the bad-ass spy in the action series Alias . And now we see her coming back as a splendid death angel in Peppermint .

The name Peppermint comes as a references to the favorite ice cream flavor of the hero’s daughter in the movie.

The movie is a revenge story of a mother that lost her family and trained many years so she can bring justice by herself , exciting no ?

We all know that Jennifer Garner  is very convincing in her fight scenes from her roles  in Alias and Elektra. When She always fight she looks like she is a martial art master , and she remind us who she really are in Peppermint.

Peppermint is directed by Pierre Morel, who directed Liam Neeson’s original Taken (cool!)

Watch the Trailer:

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