Can life continue without a Moon ?


The answer is yes, life can continue on earth without a Moon, but what is the impact?


The moon has a stabilizing effect on Earth, and Scientists have long believed that, without our moon, the tilt of the Earth axes would shift greatly over time.

But new studies and new simulation were performed, and showed that without a Moon, Earth’s axes would vary only about 10 degrees, which is not a threat to life on Earth.


The studies were conducted by Jason Barnes of the University of Idaho and colleagues, and they explained that moons are not needed also for other planets in the universe to be potentially habitable.

In fact, While Earth’s moon does provide some stability, the new data reveals that the pull of other planets orbiting the sun — especially Jupiter — would keep Earth from swinging too wildly, despite its chaotic evolution.

“Because Jupiter is the most massive, it really defines the average plane of the solar system,” said Barnes.


So we can survive without the Moon, but who would want to? The Moon is a source of light on more than half the nights, It is beautiful in the sky and you can even use it’s position and it’s shape to determine the approximate time as well as which way is north .





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