What Is the Best Age Difference for Husband and Wife?

The best age difference for a couple is a debate that starts every time we hear about a big age gap in a couple. But is it culture, genetics or the environment that drives such opinions—and is there an optimal age difference?


Well , According to a study conducted by Emory University in Atlanta, it is true , the bigger the difference the bigger the chance of separation.

After analyzing 3,000 people, it found that couples with a five-year age gap are 18 per cent more likely to split up than those of the same age.

Interestingly, that figure rose to 39 per cent for couples with a 10-year age gap and a shocking 95 per cent for those with a 20-year age gao.

The study found that the sweet spot lies in just a one-year gap between spouses who have a much smaller chance of separation at just 3 per cent.


Source: independent.co.uk

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